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Transport BY GEORGE! - What we do:


Transport BY GEORGE! is a company providing personal transport for business and private individual travellers in the ACT.

We are an ACT accredited hire car service - which is a service where a car with chauffeur provides transport for people.


Our services must be pre- booked at least 30 minutes prior to your travel.


Our prices are set so that on average you will pay no more for our services when compared to a premium taxi hiring.

All our Prices are fixed and our customers will know the exact fare at time of booking confirmation.


We provide guaranteed pickup and only engage experienced and reliable drivers.

We cater for special needs like babyseats or people in wheelchairs who can transfer to a car seat.

So, when you need to get somewhere - whether to or from the airport, a meeting, an appointment, or a social occasion, book with Transport BY GEORGE!

GEORGES HIRE CARS PTY LTD trading as Transport By George
ABN 63 160 659 941
ACT Hire Car Operator HC112S Accreditation held by GEORGES HIRE CARS PTY LTD
NSW Hire Car Operator Accreditation Pending