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Transport BY GEORGE! - Who we are:


Transport BY GEORGE! is a company formed by a number of current and former taxi operators who believe Canberra deserves better transport.


The shareholders of Transport BY GEORGE! have over one hundred years combined experience in providing personal transport in Canberra.


Our fleet consists of new vehicles which are reliable and offer a high level of passenger comfort.


Whilst luxury limousine services are available, Transport BY GEORGE! bridges the gap between limousines and taxis by delivering quality service at reasonable prices.




So, when you need to get somewhere - whether to or from the airport, a meeting, an appointment, or a social occasion, book with Transport BY GEORGE!

GEORGES HIRE CARS PTY LTD trading as Transport By George
ABN 63 160 659 941
ACT Hire Car Operator HC112S Accreditation held by GEORGES HIRE CARS PTY LTD
NSW Hire Car Operator Accreditation Pending